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Handle stream attendee questions without getting lost in chat.

Livestream chat is terrible for questions. They get lost in a stream of constant messages and emoji.

You’re missing the good questions just because they fly by too quickly, and you’re answering the questions nobody cares about.

Instead, give your viewers a place to ask questions whether you’re streaming live or not, and upvote each other’s questions. This way, you’ve got a ton of great inspiration whenever you need it:

Viewers vote & moderate questions.

Viewers upvote questions to show which ones they’re most interested in seeing onscreen, and flag questions as offensive or needing attention from a moderator.

Flagged messages instantly disappear from everyone’s viewing page – empowering all of your viewers to help with moderation. Flagged messages show up in the streamer & moderator dashboard where you can mark them as safe, or ban troublemakers from posting more messages.

You & your moderators get a dedicated dashboard.

  • Now Showing – what’s up onscreen in OBS. The person’s name and avatar shows up to get ’em excited, too.
  • Most Upvoted & Most Recent – click the screen icon to show a message onscreen in OBS. You can go with what your viewers upvoted, or something completely different.
  • Looks Suspicious – messages flagged by viewers. You can approve the message as safe, delete it, or ban the troublemaker.
  • Room Tools – shut off questions as your stream is coming to an end, or erase ’em all if you want to change topics.

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