If you’re using OBS or Streamlabs OBS, follow these instructions for using a browser source.

Otherwise, if you’re using screen sharing tools like Zoom or GoToWebinar, this F.A.Q. is for Y.O.U.

Take the URL of your room, and add /obs at the end. That’s a special web page that just shows the current message. For example, if your room is at https://pollgab.com/room/influencer, then your current-message page is https://pollgab.com/room/influencer/obs – that’s what you’ll want to open up onscreen.

If you have two monitors…

Open up a browser window with that OBS URL, and share just that one browser window on one screen. That’ll show only the current question.

On your other monitor, open a different browser with your room administration page, and don’t share that one onscreen. That browser will have the “Looks Suspicious” messages, which your viewers have flagged as possibly offensive. You wouldn’t want to broadcast those live.

If you only have one monitor…

Open up the attendee view page. It shows everything that’s happening in your room right now, including the current question.

If you need to manage flagged messages or ban users, open the administration page on your phone or iPad.